Studio time = time well spent!

We're not always "all smiles" during a session, but it sure is fun to get together with your buddies and make music. Billy is a wizard behind the dobro as well as a master mixer. It's a really fun work flow as we record the track live, Billy gets us to a spot we can work from, then Mary takes over behind the tracking station as we lay down vocals.  We have 5 songs recorded currently and are looking to get back in the studio in the fall. Looking forward to sharing our tunes with y'all!

Sally & George
French Broad River Festival

Its been wonderful to come together on the banks of the French Broad River and form our band. Justyn Thompson (Southern Raft Supply), is the promoter of French Broad and had the idea to combine the duos of Sally & George and Billy & Mary. He gave us a set and we figured out what songs we could play together! It was super fun coming back in 2018 to play a show after we had a few performances under our belt. 

Sally & George
1st Mini Tour; covering ground in Tennessee and the Carolinas

Just finished our first mini-tour and I think it’s Love...scheming up shows for the spring! Thank you to the Pistrang’s in Cleveland TN, Terri and the whole Willow Tree crew in Johnson City TN, and Doug and Dan at Midwood Guitar in Charlotte NC. And thanks to all the folks who came out and made us feel so welcome!

Sally & George