Lovers Leap
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Asheville/Nashville based quartet


Independently, Shelby Means (bass, guitar, vocals ), Mary Lucey (banjo, bass, vocals ), Joel Timmons (guitar, drums, vocals) and Billy Cardine (dobro, vocals), have each made an impact on the evolving Americana music scene. Together they make up Lovers Leap.

At the heart of Lovers Leap is a lovely balance of lush harmonies and provocative solos, intwined in songs that span from old mountain murder ballads to original tunes, that are set to worldly rhythms and stratocaster daydreams. As a show unfolds and boundaries dissolve, the nucleus of a performance is steadfast, tugging on the listeners’ heart strings, while also satiating one’s desires of instrumental virtuosity.


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Midwood Entertainment welcomes Lovers Leap

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